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Registered Office

From $29.00 / month

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New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland
Registered Office

$29 per month

$49 per month

$79 per month

Standard size letters included 5 15 50 TBD
Physical address to use as your Registered Office
Open, scan and email received letters 1
Forward received letters by domestic post
Dedicated mailbox “suite” for your mail and documents
Hold or file received letters 2
Receive & handle documents by courier up to 2.5kg
Receive commodities by courier up to 5kg
Suitable for the following companies XS S M & L L
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*All prices include GST
Note 1: Open scan and email received letters; all mail that is forwarded by email will be destroyed after 30 days, unless Mail Holding service is ordered.
Note 2: Hold or file received letters: this option is available where your mail is not forwarded physically. Mail will be filed in your dedicated mailbox within our office for up to 12 months while your service is active. If our service is cancelled, you may arrange for collection of your stored mail within 30 days of cancellation of our service. After this 30 day period, we will destroy the stored mail.

There are various rules and regulations to be aware of in terms of statutory company documentation & record keeping. Although our registered office service is a great solution if you are aware of the ASIC requirements, if you are not familiar with them or, you would prefer to have our professional team take care of this for you, you should consider engaging ARD Corporate Services as your company’s Registered Agent.

When you order our Registered Office service, you will receive:

  • Physical office address to use as your registered office.
  • Dedicated in-office mailbox “suite” for your mail and documents (Business & Corporate packages only).
  • One letter of consent from the occupier to use the address as your registered office.
  • Free ‘Starter’ Mail forwarding account with a choice of electronic or physical forwarding options.

Benefits of a Professional Registered Office

As there are regulations to comply with when operating a company in Australia, the benefits of having less to worry about may be all you need to seek out our solutions, however here are some additional advantages:

  • Security of Your Residential Address – in particular if you do not have your own office and consider using your home address as the registered address of your company, anyone who searches the ASIC public records will instantly know where you live. This is never a secure option when providing business services to the public while an ARD Corporate Services Registered Address is an ideal and affordable solution.
  • Professional Appearance to the Public – by using an ARD Corporate Services Registered Office for your company, clients will know that you are not a home-based company. This will clearly add substance to your business and increase your corporate appearance as an Australian business with a professional office.
  • Reduce your Workload – time is often a rare commodity that you can ill-afford to waste. By utilising our Registered Office service you allow our team to return critical pockets of time for you to work on the areas of your business that actually make you money.

Australian Registered Office

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