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ASIC Registered Agent

$99.00 / year

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As the officeholders of your Australian companies are ultimately responsible for the companies compliancy, one of the key benefits of using ARDCS as your Registered Agent is that we handle the ASIC compliance of a large volume of companies regularly. As such, we are more familiar with the requirements companies need to meet under the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act).

Over the years, ASIC has been progressively moving online for lodgement of updates to the companies register. This aligns with how we currently deliver services to our corporate customers, where paper forms are available only on an exception basis. We have direct integration with ASIC systems and we process and monitor your companies 24/7.

We will enable your companies to meet compliance requirements by:

  • Downloading company annual statements from our EDGE or Online Mailbox with ASIC and ensure officeholders are alerted as soon as possible after receipt of same, to review the details and remind when fees are due to avoid late payment penalties.
  • Meet ASIC requirements and report time frames with preparation of ASIC forms and supporting documentation for company transactions.
  • Lodgement of most ASIC forms online from our EDGE or Online Mailbox with ASIC (additional fees may apply).

Online lodgements of transactions performed by ASIC Registered Agents reduce late lodgement penalties, fraudulent activity (by having an online authentication process) and also offer an increased convenience for those who wish to lodge documents for immediate company updates when company details are required for other purposes.

Benefits of a Professional Registered Office and Registered Agent

As there are regulations to comply with when operating a company in Australia, the benefits of having less to worry about may be all you need to seek out our solutions, however here are some additional advantages:

  • Complying with ASIC Regulations – by engaging ARD Corporate Services as your Registered Agent, you will have full support to comply with the Corporations Act in relation to providing ASIC with the required information on any changes that you make to your company. There are many statutory requirements and we are well practiced at the completion and filing of the multiple and complex forms provided by ASIC.
  • Reduce your Workload – for any business, time is often a rare commodity that you can ill-afford to waste by trying to understand what forms you should use and what information you should provide to keep ASIC correctly updated. Our Registered Agent service will return critical pockets of time for you to work on the areas of your business that actually make you money.

As part of a package of services that ARD Corporate Services provides to domestic and international clients, our Registered Address and Registered Agent services can be combined to perfectly compliment your business and maintain your professional standard of operations.

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