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Director ID Announcement
Director ID is a new Australian government requirement for all company directors (foreign and local) – read more here

An Australian shelf company, is a pre-registered company, rather than one that is yet to be incorporated. The term refers to a company that is sitting on a proverbial “shelf” and ready to be purchased for an immediate start in business. All Director Corporate Services shelf companies are registered by our team and professionally maintained in-house, guaranteeing that every one of our shelf companies has a clean credit history with no assets or liabilities.

List of Australian Pre-registered Shelf Companies available for sale

We provide the quickest and safest way to purchase a shelf company, currently available. Most of our process is online and automatic. We present a truly unique and first-rate solution in the Australian market.

No Shelf Companies found

All Director Corporate Services shelf companies are incorporated by our senior consultants. As such, they guarantee that every company sold, is 100% clean.

Our Process for Purchasing a Pre-registered Shelf Company

Director Corporate Services is committed to providing the very best service to expertly guide you through the entire process of purchasing a shelf company, including compliance requirements, updating statutory documents, dealing with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and more.

1. Select and purchase
2. Complete our transfer form
3. Allow a few hours for processing
4. Enjoy! Company transfer complete

The details for each step:

  1. Select a company that suits you, add to basket and proceed to checkout.
  2. After a successful payment, you will instantly be taken to a page to fill out a Shelf Transfer Form, which collects all the details for the company transfer.
  3. After submitting the Shelf Transfer Form you will be able to download the consent documents for the company transfer. You should then print, sign and upload these back to the webpage, along with photo identification.
  4. Allow a few business hours for the transfer to be finalised.
  5. You will be sent your customised company documents in a final email which will also include an updated ASIC company extract.

For full details on our shelf companies, simply use the contact form, call us on +61 4 05 835 253 or email us at today.

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