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Director ID Announcement
Director ID is a new Australian government requirement for all company directors (foreign and local) – read more here

Australian Resident Director - Passive (non-managing) or Active - Nominee Director

Australian Resident (non-executive) Directors with flexible payment options and very competitive prices for both dormant and active companies! Read on for more reasons to appoint one of our Resident Directors, or get started with your obligation free quote.

For all private companies registered in Australia, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) requires that at least one local Australian resident be appointed as a director for the company at all times.

The director residency rule can be a major hurdle for overseas businesses wishing to establish a subsidiary or other business presence in Australia. Director Corporate Services (“DCS”) has designed a cost-effective and seamless solution, which in many overseas jurisdictions is referred to as a ‘Nominee Director’. Refer to the Corporations Act, ASIC and the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) for more information on the applicable regulations and requirements.

Due to Australian regulations, a company director is responsible for significant aspects of the business regardless of whether he or she is appointed in a nominee capacity, or as an actual managing director. For this reason, we use the term Resident Director for all directorship appointments that our pool of directors provides.

Appointing a Resident Director can be a complex matter, with so many obligations, questions, regulations and rules to be aware of. DCS provide you with fast access to a pool of directors who have passed our comprehensive credit and background checks.

How to engage an Australian Resident Director Enquiry Form

Step One: Complete and submit our obligation free, online enquiry form

Our team will review your enquiry and will respond to you as soon as possible with a quote or further questions.

You may discuss any supplementary corporate services with our staff that you would like further information on.

Our staff will listen to you and if you request any add-on services, will prepare a package for you that will best suit your needs.

Step Two: Receive initial quotation

Consider your package and our quote and when you are ready to move forward, contact our staff and confirm your order, or ask additional questions.

Step Three: Accept our initial quotation and pay the appointment fee

Our accounts team will prepare your itemised invoice which will include the director appointment fee and any additional services that you may have selected.

Step Four: Complete our KYC procedure

Upload identification documents via our easy-to-use online form, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Step Five: Receive, review, execute and return our engagement document set

The engagement documents contains all of our terms and conditions and will include; an Engagement Letter, a Statutory Declaration and a Director Agreement.

We recommend that you seek independent professional advice on any term/s,  condition/s and/or requirement/s that are unclear, or of concern to you, before signing any of our documents.

Our engagement documents will be provided to you both via Docusign and by email for printing and signing with a JP or lawyer. If, after due consideration and appropriate advice (as required), you are satisfied with our terms and you wish to proceed with engagement, simply execute our engagement documents in the prescribed manner and forward your original Statutory Declaration to our Queensland office for final processing.

Resident Director Enquiry Form

Resident Director Enquiry Form
Please include country code
Please answer the following questions for the Australian entity.

Ready to move your business to Australia?

You can send us an email at, call us at +61 7 5600 9777 or fill the form above. One of our business consultants will respond to you as soon as possible.

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