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Australian Resident Director - Passive (non-managing) or Active - Nominee Director

Australian Resident (Nominee) Directors with flexible payment options from as little as AUD1650 per year for a dormant company, or from AUD3300 for an active company!

Read on for more details on the reasons for appointing one of our Resident Directors, or get started with your obligation free quote.

For all private companies registered in Australia, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) requires that a local Australian resident be appointed as a director of the company at all times. This regulation is designed to help ensure that the company remains compliant with its regulatory obligations.

The director residency rule can be a major hurdle for overseas businesses wishing to establish a subsidiary or other business presence in Australia. ARD Corporate Services has designed a cost-effective and seamless solution, which in many overseas jurisdictions is referred to as a ‘Nominee Director’. Refer to the Corporations Act, ASIC and the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) for more information on the applicable regulations and requirements.

Due to the regulations in Australia, a company director is responsible for certain aspects of the business regardless of whether he or she is appointed in a nominee capacity, or as an actual managing director. For this reason, we use the term “Resident Director” for all directorship appointments that our pool of directors provides.

Appointing a Resident Director can be a complex matter, with so many obligations, questions, regulations and rules to be aware of. ARDCS provides you with fast access to a pool of directors who have passed our standard background, credit and police record checks.

How to engage an Australian Resident Director Enquiry Form

Step One: Complete and submit our obligation free online Australian Resident Director order form

  • once your order is received, you will receive a confirmation email and account name and password, for access to our secure client area. Here you can review, amend, or delete your order.
  • your order will undergo our standard compliance checks. We will determine the best match of available directors to meet your specific requirements.
  • there is no obligation for you, ARDCS, or any directors to proceed with an order at this stage.

Step Two: Receive an initial quotation and list of directors that are available for your company

  • you may log into your client area and review the quotation, as well as see additional information regarding the available directors.
  • full personal details of the available directors will remain confidential until you further progress your order.

Step Three: Accept our initial quotation, select your preferred director, provide some additional details, and read the general terms and conditions to progress your order

  • you can choose from annual, bi-annual, or quarterly appointment and payment options. Details of the payment structure will be included in the proposed contract.
  • it is important at this point, to ensure you read and fully understand the proposed contract, and all terms and conditions.
  • we recommend that you seek independent professional advice on any condition or requirement that is unclear, or of concern to you.

Step Four: Pay the initial appointment fee

  • this payment is to confirm your order and will be refundable until the final contract is signed.
  • the initial appointment fee includes the directors fee and our separate services fee.

Step Five: Receive and execute the final contract

  • the final contract will be provided electronically and must be executed in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in step three.
  • upload identification documents in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in step three.

Step Six: Receive electronic versions of the director appointment documents, and counter-signed contract

  • we will provide signed originals of documents mentioned in the terms and conditions, as well as original certified copies of identification and or corporate documents

From this point, your ASIC Registered Agent will be required to complete and or update the statutory documents (see info sheet 76) of the company, which are to be filed in the Registered Office. The Registered Agent will also update the company details with ASIC, usually by filing an electronic ASIC Form 484. If you do not have a Registered Office or ASIC Registered Agent, we can assist you with these services also.

Resident Director Enquiry Form

Resident Director Enquiry Form

Ready to move your business to Australia?

You can send us an email at, call us at +61 7 5600 9777 or fill the form above. One of our business consultants will respond to you as soon as possible.

Benefits of using our Australian Resident Director Service

In addition to our Directorship services, we can also provide resident Nominee Shareholders, either corporate or personal to assist with business structuring requirements, as a short or long-term solution.

There are more reasons than we can list as to why you may need a nominee director, however here are some examples:

  • Cost-effective solution – for businesses that are expanding into, or starting a new venture in Australia, it is particularly important to keep expenses to a minimum while you establish your brand and grow your client base. Appointing an ARD Corporate Services resident director to your company will greatly help you to keep your overheads low and will ensure you retain effective managerial control of your business.
  • Comply with the Australian Corporations Act 2001 – which requires every company incorporated or registered in Australia to have at all times, at least one personal director who ordinarily resides in Australia. An ARD Corporate Services Nominee Resident Director will keep you compliant at all times in terms of the residency requirement.
  • Maintain your personal privacy – clients large and small are often in a position where it is unwise for their name to appear on the corporate registers of a company, especially where such registers are available to be viewed via a basic company search. We can provide you with a Resident Director (formerly known as Nominee Director) who will help to protect your reputation, other business interests, current employment, family & associates.
  • Suitable name to represent your business – it may be desirable to keep your own name off the company registers. Perhaps your own name sounds undesirable for the type of business you operate. Maybe your name is similar to that of a famous (or infamous) person, or maybe you simply need a name that sounds Australian.

ARD Corporate Services is dedicated to gaining an understanding of your current company structure and future needs. Our comprehensive understanding of these aspects will better enable us to tailor a directorship package that will suit your company and budget, while ensuring always, that you remain compliant with Australian director requirements.

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