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Director Corporate Services is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of professionals with in excess of 80 years combined practical experience in business planning, registered agent services, management, recruitment, banking, corporate structuring, administration, public relations, internet marketing solutions and strategies, and information technology platforms.

Our key focus is in providing support for local and foreign professionals and corporations to better enable them to access and compete in the Australian marketplace. Director Corporate Services works closely with independent specialists in the areas of legal and taxation compliance, real estate, finance, immigration, auditing, making us your ideal Australian partners.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - Brisbane

As with many successful businesses, Director Corporate Services evolved out of years of personal experience of its founding members, as well as clear demand from professional and non-professional contacts. Before Director Corporate Services was launched, there was a lack of quality service providers that were firmly positioned to assist a broad range of professionals to efficiently and diligently establish, expand, or transfer their business to or in Australia.

Why choose Director Corporate Services

We are proud to have the right people with the right experience and the right connections to represent our clients on multiple levels in an expanding range of services. By engaging Director Corporate Services, you will gain immensely beneficial confidence and added-value to your business plan or existing corporate structure. Director Corporate Services is strategically positioned to add multiple fields of real experience to your business through our in-house management team, as well as independent licensed professionals and specialist consultants.

Time is critical for you, and our passionate team understands what it takes to achieve success without cutting corners or taking negligent risks. Building a solid foundation for your corporate structure, regardless of its size, should not be rushed and should always be viewed as an absolute necessity. Having Director Corporate Services  as a part of your team, brings you the critical elements for you to securely reach your targets with maximum efficiency, whilst never cutting corners, and all the while saving you precious time and money.

International Expertise

Director Corporate Services is privileged to work with a variety of clients from Australia and overseas jurisdictions including New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and more. Our domestic and international network of professional associations in banking, legal, accounting, immigration, import / export and other specialist services, combines to provide a tried and tested resource that will benefit your business on multiple levels.

With the value and diversity added by having Director Corporate Services as a part of your team, you can focus your energies on actually growing your business and doing what you do best!

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