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International Business Relocation Package

When you require the incorporation of an Australian company in connection with your immigration application plans, it is very important to understand exactly how and where you should set up your new company. This is why Director Corporate Services has teamed up with a registered immigration agent, specialist accounting firm, and other licensed service providers to create our Immigration Business Company Package.

Disclaimer: Director Corporate Services does not provide any immigration or accounting services directly

Director Corporate Services will provide you with a professional gateway into Australia, rather than just setting up a company without concern for your long-term goals. The complexities and requirements surrounding business visas and all immigration & residency applications are vast and require specific solutions, regardless of the size of your current business situation outside Australia.

Advantages of our International Business Relocation Package

  • Avoid Unnecessary Expenses – by taking advantage of a package which has been designed to provide you with the majority of services that you will almost certainly require, and backed up by independent licensed professionals that we know on a personal level. There are many service providers offering false or illegal visa packages that will not provide results and may cause you great financial losses.
  • Business and Personal Growth – locating your company and yourself (and family) in Australia may carry tremendous benefits in relation to the expansion of your business and open up unlimited personal opportunities by residing in a country ranked within the top 5 by the UN in terms of quality of life
  • Compliance and Regulations – Australia is regarded as one of the most regulated jurisdictions in the world. Such substantial regulation provides for a very stable business arena and intrinsically entails very high standards for compliance and considerable liability of businesses. A package solution which includes the services of regulated, independent consultants will better assist you to be fully informed and professionally guided through the establishment of your business structure, taxation and immigration requirements.
  • Multi-Profession Team of Consultants – Working with a team of independent, highly experienced professionals, each with their own area of expertise will provide you with a very wide range of options to ensure your Director Corporate Services Immigration Business Company Package is the best option for you.

In consideration of your business structure requirements and being mindful of the inherent complexities of your end goal that being, immigration to Australia, it makes sense to have a package designed by a range of expert and qualified consultants rather than try to figure everything out for yourself. The packages we provide will not automatically qualify you for an Australian Visa and you should always seek professional advice on all legal, immigration and accounting matters, you must also take some time to educate yourself, in order to avoid costly mistakes and to maximize your chances of success.

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