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Australian Business Company Package - Completely ready to use

Our full business packages are designed for local and international businesses or entrepreneurs who require a complete solution in the shortest possible timeframe. Why waste valuable time and money researching various service providers and resources, when Director Corporate Services (“DCS”) has done all the hard work for you?

Australian Turn-key Business Company Package

As we service a wide range of local and international clients, we understand what to include in our packages, and what to present to you as optional extras. Right from the start, you will have everything you need to get down to business with your new Australian company.

Local Clients

When your product or service is ready and you need to do business “today”, there are substantial benefits in being able to immediately provide your clients or associates with your ‘established’ company, bank account details and website. By purchasing one of our business company packages, you will be able to “hit the ground running”.

International Clients

Several critical aspects of setting up a new Australian business, without the professional support of an experienced one-stop service provider such as DCS, require you or your representative to travel to Australia, in addition to certifying and sending documentation from overseas. Depending on your requirements and the business package that you choose, you may be able to entirely avoid the frustrating and time consuming requirements of travelling to Australia and meeting personally with a range of professionals such as business bankers, tax agents and lawyers. Our staff are happy to either work with your chosen professionals or, if you prefer, we can introduce you to experienced and reputable specialists to meet your every need.

Here are just some examples of the processes and timeframes to set up an Australian company & business without our turn-key solutions:

  • Register a new Pty Ltd Australian Company – 1 to 2 days, if you have a director in Australia, impossible if you have no director in Australia.
  • Apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) – up to 28 days with certified documentation to be sent by courier to the Australian Business Register. Public Officer who is residing in Australia is also required.
  • Apply for an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) – possible only after registration of your ABN with other registrations to be considered.
  • Open a company bank account with a major Australian bank – 1 to 2 weeks, with a personal visit and interview at an Australian branch of your chosen bank.

Although there are numerous other considerations when setting up your business in Australia, why not avoid as many unnecessary delays as possible with a DCS Turn-key Business Company Package.

Services included in the base package:

  • Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) – PDF Certificate of Registration and Company Documents included
  • ABN (Australian Business Number – Public Officer not included)
  • TFN (Tax File Number)
  • Company name change
  • Bank account application with one of Australia’s larger banks
  • Appointment of an independent tax agent for full compliance with the ATO (Australian Taxation Office)
  • Optional Extras:

    • Appointment of DCS as the ASIC agent for your company
    • Registered office – mail handling options available
    • Virtual office – includes call management
    • Domain name appropriate for the name of the company
    • Single webpage with generic description of services appropriate for the name of the company
    • Printed company documents

    With such a comprehensive base package, and the ability to customise your optional extra services exactly as you need them, you will be ready to operate within a very short period of time. Our team can cater for all your start up needs, so you can get on with the business of creating wealth without spending weeks of your time trying to organise the finer details.

    Once you purchase an Australian Turn-key Business Company Package, we will:

    • Transfer 100% of the shares to you or your designated shareholder
    • Appoint you as bank account signatory – our nominee signatory retains view only access
    • Change the registered address and place of business of your company
    • Transfer domain and hosting to your IT service provider – as required
    • Update ASIC, the ABR and ATO with new company details
    • Deliver the corporate registers to you by courier – as required

    Access to ongoing, locally based, professional support services

    Our team are experts in implementing first class service provision, in key areas that enable you to establish your business and start trading quickly. In addition to this, for our premium clients, we can also extend access to our broad network of highly experienced, local professionals to assist you with a greater range of needs that you are likely to encounter, as your business develops within your chosen marketplace:

    • Legal
    • Accounting
    • Business advice
    • Financial advice
    • Graphic design
    • Website development
    • API development
    • Systems integration

    Currently available packages are as follows. Note that some details are not advertised to protect the privacy of our clients and ensure the company name will not appear as a shelf company in google cache.

    A.C.N. 624 469 … PTY. LTD.February 2018Commonwealth Bank$6,000.00A.C.N. 626 963 … PTY. LTD.June 2018Commonwealth Bank$6,000.00

    Company Name Registered Bank Account Price
    A.C.N. 624 057 … PTY. LTD. January 2018 Commonwealth Bank $6,000.00

    *financial year for all companies is 01 July to 30 June

    Business Company Package Enquiry Form

    Business Package Enquiry Form

    Benefits of purchasing a Business Company Package

    Whilst we have different levels of business packages available with varying inclusions, there is no doubting the advantages of having what is essentially an existing business, ready for you to operate:

    • Immediate Availability – when you need to do business “today” but do not have your corporate structure ready, you will know the value of being able to immediately provide your clients or associates with your ‘established’ company and bank account details.
    • Strong Business Image – when you have an existing company that is; registered with an Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), open bank account, professionally designed logo, letterhead, business card, website, search engine listing, corporate office address, phone number, and more, your clients will have total confidence in your business services.
    • Efficiency Guaranteed – with a DCS Business Company Package, your time and energy is not lost in the sometimes slow and frustrating process of setting up a new company. Because we know what professional clients need, we have already done the work for you, allowing your skills and expertise to be used in the most efficient way possible from day one.
    • Quality Services and Professional Support – upon purchasing one of our ready-to-use business solutions, you may choose to engage ourselves or our associated professionals on any number of support services including, but not limited to: Registered Agent, Registered Office, Virtual Office, Internet Marketing, Information Technology, Management, Directorship, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Legal Compliance and more.
    • Tangible Assets – you can choose to receive physical company documents in a tabulated folder, a customized company seal, company chop and company stamp. In other words, items that can be touched and prove that you have ‘opened shop’!

    With such a comprehensive package, you will be ready to do business today! We have pre-emptively taken care of the majority of critical elements in setting up your company structure, so you can get on with your business with confidence and a professional corporate image.

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